Fortnite's Zero-Building Mode will Always be There
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Looks like the newly introduced Fornite’s zero building mode will always be there. The new feature suits its name as it eliminates the signature construction out of the usual last-one-standing gameplay. 

The game will not make you focus on your weapons and tactical positioning skills to survive. Epic Games has made subtle changes and tweaked the game to add familiar elements.

No more need to consume pickups to protect yourself, now all you do is recharge your shield. The game also has added Apex Legends-like “Ascender” ziplines. These will help you reach blimp-based deployment points, and you can mantle over obstacles. In case you need a brief burst of speed to avoid gunfire, Sprints are available 

You can play the Zero Build in solo, duo, trio, and squad playlists. The new mode is a huge welcome as it offers variety to Fortnite, though you may have to keep switching to rivals if you’re either frustrated with building or just want the occasional break.

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