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Fortnite is ready to launch season 7 tomorrow, get ready to meet Superman, Loki, and Star Trek with the alien’s theme for the season. Players are being abducted by UFOs and decrypting coded alien messages since the past few days ahead of the arrival of Season 7. Just goes to show we can expect to see famous aliens in action on Fortnite this season.

Many of the aliens and groups of aliens have been teased by Epic Games. This gives an indication we may get to see some of the favorites such as Superman, Loki, and Star Trek within tomorrow’s battle pass.


Superman will undoubtedly be the most high-profile superhero Fortnite has seen so far. We have already witnessed the presence of Batman, Iron Man, Wolverine, and tons of other superheroes. What is special about Superman is he is not just a superhero but also an alien. If you are thinking this might just be speculation, it is not as Fornite has already teased yesterday a new item, a pair of glasses that aliens wear, makes them unrecognizable when they wear it.

We can expect to see Superman leading from the front with the battle pass tomorrow. Though we don’t know which version of superman will feature on Fortnite, any guesses will be Cavil? CW? Reeves? Comics? Rebirth?


Loki, a human-like alien Marvel character from Asgard. Loki’s appearance in battle pass tomorrow will add more value to brand Loki, as a new show debut on Disney Plus on Wednesday. There is little room for speculation with the appearance of Loki as a shadow of Loki did appear in Fortnite teaser art recently. This also included the news of Thor, who featured in the Marvel battle pass some time ago. Loki will make it to Fortnite but we don’t know exactly when.

Star TrekStar Trek

Star Trek is loaded with aliens and is one IP that has not made it to Fortnite yet. Star Trek is rare and seems will make it to Fortnite, as one of the messages in the secret puzzle yesterday said, “UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION MALFUNCTION” which is referenced in Star Trek Discovery, currently-airing Star Trek series on Paramount Plus.

We can also expect to see other aliens such as Martian Manhunter, the entire cast of The Eternals, Supergirl, Gamora, Chewbacca, Optimus Prime, Mass Effect aliens, Destiny aliens, Halo aliens. The list is long, but we can expect to get to know a bit more at 10 AM ET today and get a clue to a different alien.

We can also look forward to Epic’s very own aliens apart from the licensed ones. As of now, the three mentioned above look confirmed to make an appearance in battle pass tomorrow.

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