Getting Started With Your Video Game Career
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Many people enjoy playing video games in their spare time for fun. However, a few people seek to get paid for what they love doing and turn this hobby into a full-time career. There is a need for people who create, test, and market video games to the public, and these are a few of the things that those seeking a career in the industry tend to do. Here are some ways to get started with a career in the video game industry.

Pursue a Degree
One way to help obtain a career working with video games is to go to college and complete a degree in a relevant field. Some relevant degrees include computer science, video game development, computer engineering, graphic design, and more. If you already have an undergraduate or graduate degree in an unrelated field, you can consider going back to school to obtain the credentials that employers in the gaming industry might be looking for.

Gain On-the-Job Experience
Besides pursuing an education and getting a degree, obtaining on-the-job experience is another good way to get your foot in the door of a particular industry. Many gaming companies employ interns, both because it is more cost-efficient for them and because they want to give new people in the industry the skills they need to become successful and lifelong employees who work to create games. Landing a full-time career will be easier once you have some experience. Internships are also a good way to network with people who might know of other opportunities in the industry.

Another pathway you can pursue is by starting a gaming business. This can be anything from creating your own video games to selling and promoting what’s already on the market and many more. If you need specialized tasks down, you can work with freelancers who are experts in their fields. Check out this alternative to a Las Vegas staffing agency to find the services you need.

Edit Your Resume
When applying for jobs, make sure that your resume reflects the skills needed for each job you are applying for. This might mean slightly editing your resume each time you send it out to make sure it fits each job description that you are answering. The same applies to cover letters, which are a more personal and descriptive way to follow up a resume when pursuing a career opportunity.

Get to Know Other People
Getting to know other people who are in the video game industry not only helps with obtaining job opportunities but with gaining much-needed skills as well. Do some research and see if there are virtual or in-person conferences related to the field in which you wish to begin a career. Also, seek out volunteer opportunities, clubs, and organizations where you can meet others who have an interest in video games and in creating games as a career.

Maintain Your Passion
Sometimes, people who find a job doing what they love or previously did as a hobby find themselves losing their passion for that hobby. In order to create great video games that other people want to purchase, it is important that you keep your interest and love for video games as well. Take time outside of work to play the games you used to enjoy, even if they are not directly related to your work. The best games are generally made by those who enjoy playing them and know what other players like.

Follow these steps, as well as others, if you are considering a career in the gaming industry. Education, experience, and passion will go a long way toward obtaining a rewarding and satisfying job working with video games.

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