Halo Infinite’s AI far Superior to Battlefield 2042
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Is Halo Infinite’s AI far superior to Battlefield 2042, we will get our answers as we read along. Battlefield 2042 similarities with Battlefield 4 are turning out to be its key selling point. Battlefield 2042 can host up to 128 players on the current-gen consoles and PC games, this is twice 64 player standard for most of the large-scale shooter games out there, this includes Battlefield’s old franchise. While as expected the bots do present surface-level problems but as you explore the game it becomes evident that the bots are dumb as rocks.

Want the AI to be smarter

It is important to have a smart AI, be it for a single-player story mode or in a multiplayer mode. Bad AI in single-player mode can impact a mode that players are most likely to spend around six to eight hours, ideally in average shooter games. While in the case of multiplayer it can ruin the game modes meant to devour player’s hours.

Incase of Battlefield 2042, the bad AI does not actually ruin the experience of the multiplayer but leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

While playing Battlefield 2042‘s beta occasionally, I experienced AI walking through walls, moving unnaturally, not reacting to getting shot, and line up to get shot. The AI seems to be sluggish as they are not challenged enough and serve as targets for players to shoot at with minimal risks.

Battlefield 2042‘s AI is perhaps at its worst which makes one thing go for other alternatives. As it’s worthless to have an AI which can’t react to threats and has a problem attacking enemies, placing one in a vehicle amounts to that vehicle being totally wasted, this can be experienced largely in 2042. Vehicles play an important part in turning the direction of the battles, while vehicles have been nerfed in 2042, it can still put you off as the AI can tell when it’s being hit and leave the users a bad experience.Halo Infinite AI betterWhy is Halo Infinite AI better?

Thanks to Halo Infinite’s own technical beta, I enjoyed playing this weekend. If it wasn’t for it I may perhaps not have been able to know about the shoddy performance of Battlefield 2042‘s A.I. Both the games lack a few elements here and there, but Halo Infinite‘s AI truly wins over Battlefield 2042 making you switch immediately over to them later.

I would suggest, do try any of Halo Infinite‘s betas, its AI capabilities are impressive, a more realistic performance like a player compared to Battlefield 2042‘s computer-controlled soldiers in every way. The Spartan bots in Infinite are aware of their surroundings and use it to their advantage, certainly superior in all aspects and plays like actual players. Comparatively, Battlefield 2042‘s AI isn’t quite sure what planet they’re on.

The difference between the games is obvious, while I personally won’t mind playing a bot-packed lobby in Halo Infinity. The reason being they’re just as engaging as regular players. Far better than being stuck with 127 bots in the Battlefield 2042 lobby, this might also give you a headache.

With Battlefield 2042 getting ready for its release in about six weeks, on November 19, it means game developers Ripple Effect and Dice, will only get over a month to improve the game’s AI. We don’t know what the future will bring, but looking at the current situation looks like we will have to deal with unhelpful bots when Battlefield 2042 officially launches.

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