Handy Twitch Chat Commands For You
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Handy Twitch chat command for all the streamers watching or running your own channel. The command below may prove to be handy to use in Twitch chat.

Twitch is perhaps the best live streaming platform on offer for viewers to enjoy themselves. It enables viewers to engage with the streamer and vice versa. It builds a sense of community which many other services like YouTube or Netflix fail to deliver. 

If you are someone who spends time on various other Twitch channels then you may require to type into chat to get into action or provide information.  These are the very chat commands that will make your life easier with Twitch chat. 

Everyone can use the Twitch chat commands for changing your username color or voting in a poll. There are also commands specific to moderators and broadcasters, like banning a user or rolling a commercial.

Irrespective of you being a viewer or a streamer, we’ve got you covered. These Twitch chat commands work across all platforms and you simply type them in chat and hit send. 

How to Protect Your Twitch Chat?
If you are wondering how to protect your Twitch chat as you don’t need anyone to type in your Twitch chat. Well, you can easily impose limitations on it. You can limit the chat to verified accounts or users subscribed to your channel. This turns out to be useful if you are being trolled or are a large channel with chats getting out of control to moderate. 

Twitch Chat Commands for Viewers and Streamers

Commands for Everyone

  • /@[user] – Send someone a public message; it will highlight the message for the recipient.
  • /block [user] – Block all chat messages from a user
  • /color [color] – Change the color of your username. If you’re a Turbo user, you can select a hex value.
  • /disconnect – Disconnects you from the channel.
  • /gift [number] – Randomly gift Subs (the number of your choosing) to the community.
  • /me [message]  – Used to denote third-person action, removes colon after your name  & italicizes your message.
  • /mods  – List all the channel moderators.
  • /vips – List all the channel VIPs.
  • /vote – Vote in the poll.
  • /w [user] [message] – Send someone a private message.

Commands for Moderators (and Broadcasters)

  • /ban [user] – Permanently ban someone from the chat.
  • /clear – Remove all messages in chat.
  • /emoteonly – Users can only send emotes in their messages.
  • /emoteonlyoff – Disable emotes only mode.
  • /followers [duration] – Restrict the chat to followers-only mode; optionally, specify a time duration (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 week)
  • /followersoff – Disable followers-only mode.
  • /monitor [user] – Monitor a user’s messages.
  • /poll- Create a poll.
  • /endpoll – End a poll.
  • /deletepoll – Delete a poll.
  • /requests – Opens the Channel Points requests queue.
  • /restrict [user] – Restrict a user’s messages.
  • /slow [seconds] – Limit the rate at which users can send messages.
  • /slowoff – Disable slow mode.
  • /subscribers – Restrict the chat to subscribers-only mode.
  • /subscribersoff – Disable subscribers-only mode.
  • /timeout [user] [seconds] – Temporarily ban someone from the chat. 10 minutes is the default, or you can specify a time.
  • /unban [user] – Unban someone from the chat.
  • /uniquechat – Stops users from posting non-unique messages (like copy and pasted content)
  • /uniquechatoff – Disable unique chat mode.
  • /unmonitor [user] – Stop monitoring a user’s messages.
  • /unrestrict [user] – Stop restricting a user’s messages.
  • /user [user] – Record private notes on a user and see their chat and moderation history.

Commands for Channel Editors (and Broadcasters)

  • /commercial – Runs a commercial (providing the channel is an Affiliate or Partner).
  • /goal- Set a subscriber or follower goal.
  • /host [channel] – Host another channel on yours via the embedded video player.
  • /unhost – Stop hosting someone on the channel.
  • /marker [description] – Adds a stream marker at the current time, with an optional description
  • /prediction – Manage predictions.
  • /raid [channel] – Send viewers to another channel.
  • /unraid – Cancel the raid.

Commands for Broadcasters

  • /mod [user] – Grant someone moderator status.
  • /unmod [user] –Remove moderator status from someone.
  • /vip [user] – Grant someone VIP status.
  • /unvip [user] – Remove VIP status from someone.
  • /rules – Display the channel rules.

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