Hawkeye & Kate Bishop Arrive In Fortnite Officially
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Its official Hawkeye & Kate Bishop arrive in Fortnite, the characters from the Disney+ series are the latest additions to Fortnite. Players will get to enjoy both the characters in their full gear with Kate coming into her own and Cint sporting the new purple arrow suit.

Each of the characters features their own special archer gear along with a complete purple-clad set of items to do what needs to be done across the island as the best archers around.

To be clear there is one more archer around as well if you have purchased the Green Arrow skin last year. 

You can buy the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop skin at the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks a piece and will be available only for a short time. 

What do you get when you purchase Hawkeye and Kate Bishop Skin?
When you purchase them and add them to the collection from the new Hawkeye set which includes the Outfits (+ Back Blings), Pickaxes, and Glider individually or as part of the Hawkeye Bundle. The bundle additionally includes the Hawkeyes Loading Screen.Hawkeye & Kate Bishop Arrive In Fortnite Officially_1You can also buy the following accessories in the Item Shop:

  • Hawkguy’s Arsenal Back Bling (sold with the Clint Barton Outfit): An old-school timeless quiver.
  • Kate’s Quiver Back Bling (sold with the Kate Bishop Outfit): A quiver with a more modern touch.
  • Taut Slicer Pickaxe: Nocked and ready for action.
  • Pickross Bow Pickaxe: Built with a distinctive groove on its handle.
  • Aerial Archer Glider: All that training gotta be for something.

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