How to Access Fortnite Close Encounters mode
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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season one brings the Fortnite Close Encounters mode, it offers a fresh set of quests for it available in the menu. Fortnite Close Encounters is an LTM feature that appears regularly in Fortnite. It involves flying around on jet packs as you fire shotguns and withstand a Storm that moves quicker than normal as the match progresses. This guide will help you glide through the Fortnite Close Encounters Quests with ease. 

Players will be rewarded with Chapter 3 Season 1 XP with each challenge. You will also get up to 14,000 XP per challenge and an additional 18,000 XP when you complete three of the challenges.

How to access Fortnite Close Encounters mode?
Let’s get started with learning how to access Fortnite Close Encounters Mode. The mode was unavailable earlier in the game, as a result, players were not able to take on the quests. You can find a version of Close Encounters by searching for Island Code 4000-2741-0286 on the Discovery page, though matchmaking is not working for this and you require a specific ‘By Epic’ tagged version for the quests to count. 

Though this issue has been resolved and you can head over to the Discovery page to find the official version of Fortnite Close Encounters under the ‘By Epic’ heading – Fortnite Close Encounters Quests

You need to select the official Fortnite Close Encounters mode from the Discovery page. 

Take on the four challenges associated with it which are listed below:

Four Challenges for Fortnite Close Encounters
There are a total of four challenges for Close Encounters players will have to tackle as listed below.

  • Deal damage to opponents from above in Close Encounters (100)
  • Get 5 Kills in Close Encounters (5)
  • Get an elimination with ten or fewer players remaining (1)
  • Eliminate two players within thirty seconds of each other (1)

Players will be rewarded with 12K, 14K, and 10K XP respectively for winning them. There is an 18K XP bonus for completing all three Fortnite Close Encounters Quests. There is a cool 54K XP lying there to be earned and is worth taking a look at this game mode.

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