How to Destroy Different Types Of Cactus Plants in Fortnite
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The task to destroy different types of Cactus Plants in Fortnite is easy, though you need to know how you will tackle them. This week Fortnite once again rolls out new quests for players who need to complete numerous tasks and challenges around the island to get large amounts of XP. 

Cactus Plants in Fortnite are one task where you are required to destroy them and can be found only in specific areas on the island. In this guide, we explain how to destroy different types of Cactus Plants in Fortnite. 

We are almost at the halfway stage of the inaugural Chapter 3 season. We have already witnessed a host of changes like an entirely new map, which features new fauna and flora such as the aptly named Timber Pines. But the quest is more focused on the 

However, this quest focuses on cacti, which have been around for much longer.

How to Destroy Different Types Of Cactus Plants in Fortnite?
As the name suggests, players need to know the location where they can easily find different types of Cactus Plants. They will need to destroy a total of 3 types of cactus, which they can find in Fortnite’s southern desert region.Cactus Plants in FortniteIt is an ideal location to find them all close to each other in the northeast of Haven’s Oasis, which can be found in the desert’s west end. There are three varieties of cactus plants available in Fortnite i.e. a blue-green one topped with a flower, a stereotypical tall saguaro-like, and short, shrub-like ones.

You can find the cacti exclusively in the desert biome, the region is bound to become an early elimination wasteland. Though the recent release item livens up the location for players. Players can also access the Pizza Party item starting from today. It is literally a full Slurpshroom pizza, when it’s thrown down, contains eight slices that simultaneously recover 25 health and shields. You can carry up to two slices per slot and fully restore health, also you get shields to 50.

After the departure of Blizzard, Johnny Cash last week, who announced his role as the lead quest designer for Fortnite. If you are not aware, Cash has previously led the quest designer for World of Warcraft, developing things like WoW’s Pet Battle mini-game system. Looks like Fortnite’s quests are going to get even better, looking at the high caliber talent that it has which makes things all the more interesting for Fortnite in the future. 

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 will offer players who destroy cactus plants the usual reward of 25,000 XP. 

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