How to Evolve EvoChrome Shotgun in Fortnite
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The latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 brings new updates such as Chrome, Chrome weapons and more. The Herald haunts the dead Reality Tree and her Chrome is spreading rapidly across the island. It is changing everything it touches including weapons, allowing players to level them up.

We bring you everything you want to know about how to evolve the EvoChrome Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. It is one of the two Chrome weapons added to the game. 

How to evolve EvoChrome Shotgun in FortniteEvoChrome ShotgunYou will require to look around the right side of the map to find a EvoChrome Shotgun for any place covered in Chrome on the Fortnite Map. You have a much higher chance of spawning with the Chrome Chests and the EvoChrome floor loot where it is surrounded by Chrome. If a weapon is EvoChrome, you can level it up by dealing damage to opponents. The required amount of damage increases as the rarity increases.

If you get a collectable item like a gun, it increases its rarity by using it and hitting things. The rarity shoots up when you land shots on enemies and will slowly get harder to deal damage with the higher the rarity becomes. Damage counts towards the next level up.

The shotgun is nice, but the Burst Rifle is a better tool for completing the week zero challenge. The Shotgun can’t be used from far away.

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