How to Get Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite
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The latest Fortnite update has brought the Heavy Shotgun back to the game. We bring you a guide that will help you know how to get the Heavy Shotgun as it will make the competition more interesting in Fortnite Battle Royale.

We will explain everything from where to find the menacing Heavy Shotgun on the Fortnite island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

About Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite

Heavy Shotgun is a heavy version of the common and uncommon tactical shotgun. You can find it on Rare, Epic, and Legendary ratings.

It is powered by a Pump-action mechanism and is reputed for its x2.5 Headshot multiplier. The powerful weapon was vaulted in Patch 7.30 and was available only in Playground and Creative. The Heavy Shotgun was made obsolete due to the addition of the Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun.

Heavy Shotgun – Stats

The Heavy Shotgun sits right at the top due to its high headshot damage. It can easily become a monster in the hands of people with good aim. 

Stats for the Common variant of the Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite.

Stats                                   Values
Shooting Type              1 Pellet
Fire Rate                            1.3
Damage                              81
Headshot                          142
Reload Time                    4.8s

Stats for the Legendary variant of the Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite.

Stats                                   Values
Shooting Type              1 Pellet
Fire Rate                            1.3
Damage                              99
Headshot                          173
Reload Time                    3.9sHow to Get Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite_1Locations to Find Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite
Considering the lethal power of the Heavy Shotgun it is useless if you can’t find one. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, as there are a number of loot items in Fortnite we know that can drop Heavy Shotgun.  You can obtain it from Chests & Floor Loot just like the regular weapons.

You also have a chance to grab one that’s dropped from Supply Drops & Sharks. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for it to get the real thrill of power shooting. 

Don’t forget to mention your experience using the Heavy Shotgun in the comments section below. 

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