How To Get Infected By An Alien Parasite in Fortnite
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This Fortnite Season you will have to know how to get infected by an Alien Parasiteto get your Fortnite quests and weekly challenges done.

Not a perfect interaction to have the little buggers attach themselves to you to make you move extra fast. Once infected the Alien Parasite attaches itself onto you, enabling you to move faster, though it affects your health to some extent. Your health will gradually decrease to 60 HP after which it won’t go down any further. Now that you are aware of the risks involved let’s move on to understanding how to find and exploit that alien parasite speed buff.

Locate Alien Parasites In Fortnite

It is a bit challenging to locate Alien Parasites in Fortnite, as they span randomly and often grab onto other wild animals walking around the Battle Royale island.

Players can locate them successfully most of the time by heading over to the Durrr Burger restaurant, next to the Logjam Woodmarks landmark. Once you enter the restaurant, walk down the stairs into the storage area. You will see the Alien Parasites floating around the room. This is one of the easiest ways to find them.

How To Get Infected By An Alien Parasite in Fortnite?How To Get Infected By An Alien Parasite in Fortnite?

Alien Parasite in Fortnite appear in three states as follows

  • Still inside their eggs
  • On Infected Animals
  • In the Wild

You can destroy the eggs enabling the Alien Parasite to roam free. You can also kill an Infected Animal to set free the Alien Parasite. Lastly the Parasite can be found in the wild, you approach it and it will attach itself to you. That’s how easy it is to get infected by an Alien Parasite in Fortnite.

Talk To Sunny

Talk to Sunny to complete the weekly challenge at the beach near the boardwalk in the Believer Beach POI.
Complete the quest and get rid of Alien Parasite, this will allow you full health rather than being able to move faster.

How To Remove The Alien Parasite In Fortnite?How To Remove The Alien Parasite In Fortnite?

Alien Parasite does allow you to move fast but it does hurt your health. Significant hit points are lost from your health bar upto 40HP. Though you have the option to decide your preference either for increased movement speed or a full health bar.

You can remove the Alien Parasite in Fortnite in the following three ways:

  • Touch fire
  • Touch water
  • Enter a prop disguise

You will get a chance to kill them or run away from them without getting infected again, once the Alien Parasite is detached, as they ignore you for a few seconds.

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