How to Harvest Fruits And Vegetables In Fortnite - How To Complete The Weekly Challenges
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Epic Games has released a new set of challenges like harvest fruits and vegetables in Fortnite along with the Weekly Challenges. The gaming platform keeps updating Fortnite with new content which keeps players wanting to more and glued to the free-to-play battle royale game. 

Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite has turned out to be the most searched terms of the gaming community. If you are not sure how to harvest fruits and vegetables in Fortnite this guide will help you complete the challenge for you. Additionally, we also bring you information on how to complete the Weekly Challenges as well.

How to Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite?

Players have had a number of questions related to the free-to-play challenge and the new Weekly Challenges in Fortnite. Many of them have been searching for answers to overcome these challenges by getting information on how and where to harvest fruits and vegetables in Fortnite. 

With Fortnite adding a new set of Week 14 challenges there is excitement amongst players and they are loving it. As you read further you will learn more about the new set of challenges and how to complete them. 

To complete the challenge players will have to harvest eight fruits or vegetables. You can start by moving to the Orchard, an ideal location for you to complete the challenge. 

Find a cabbage patch with a number of apples on the floor. Remember not to consume all these fruits and vegetables in a single go. Harvest them and add them to your inventory to complete the weekly challenge. 

Additionally, we have also listed all the Week 14 Challenges below. While the video below will help you understand better how to complete these weekly challenges in Fortnite. 

Fortnite Week 14 Challenges 

Epic Challenges

  1. Collect Cookbooks from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs (4)
  2. Harvest fruits and vegetables (8)
  3. Earn Bars to hire a Character (150)
  4. Visit different restaurant kitchens (2)
  5. Drive a vehicle from Sweat Sands to Pleasant Park (1)
  6. Drop off a vehicle at the gas station in Lazy Lake or Catty Corner (1)
  7. Drive a vehicle from Pleasant Park to Lazy Lake (1)

Legendary Challenges 

  1. Damage opponents at greater than 50 meters away (1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000)

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