How to kill the Rock with Rocks in Fortnite Chapter 3
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Do you know how to kill the Rock with rocks in Fortnite Chapter 3? Yes, with rocks, Fortnite players have managed to take down Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s “The Foundation” Chapter 3 boss in one of the hardest NPC battles so far.

These players have used nothing but hundreds of rocks and dozens of evasive maneuvers to pull off one of the strangest bits of irony in the battle royale so far.

This adventure has revealed that just by using lumps of coal(rocks) one can bring the mighty The Rock (The Foundation) to his knees. In the process managed to pull off one of the funniest community clips from Chapter 3.

Beat The Rock with rocks

The players start on the mission to beat the rock by loading upThe Sanctuary with tons of coal, a stockpile that would last the entire fight. 

It is not an easy task to take down The Foundation, as he is armed with a vicious MK-Seven assault rifle that packs a wallop once the fight gets going. He also has the ability to throw a barrage of rocks at his foes.

It was payback time, this time a bunch of players chose to give the NPC a “taste of his own medicine” by putting memes over tactics.

The players required around 115 pieces of coal to defeat The Foundation and complete one of the toughest self-imposed challenges in Fortnite.

While commenting on the clip a Reddit user said “This community is taking it too far. The Fortnite community enjoyed the battle and considered the NPC was annoying to take it down in the first place.

Just goes to show how Fortnite players manage to take from the battle royale and elevate it to the next level with a whole lot of patience.

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