How to Make Xbox Series X Less Noisy
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The latest Xbox Series X latest update released yesterday includes a number of options that enable you to mute the system sound effects. This will make your Xbox Series X less noisy, especially for those who have auditory sensitivities or are not happy with the blips and swooshes on Xbox while navigating the dashboard. Now you can also mute notification popup sounds.

How to Make Xbox Series X Less noisy?

  • To turn off the noises head over to Settings > Volume & audio output > Additional options. 
  • Choose to mute navigation and notification sounds or pick between the two. 
  • You can enable Mono output and choose to have the audio automatically mute when a headset is attached. This feature was earlier exclusively available only on PS5 and PS4

You can achieve the same results by heading over to Settings > Accessibility > Audio and ticking your desired options. These are the settings that will help you make your Xbox Series X less noisy.How to Make Xbox Series X Less Noisy-1The latest Xbox Series X|S system update brings the new audio options with some other features as well. Now you can switch between watching TV and playing a game, to achieve this hit the Xbox button on your controller if you have enabled the new HDMI-CEC functionality. This will be useful especially when you watch TV while waiting for the game to download or update and are in a habit of misplacing your remote. 

Both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have regularly been updated with new functionality and features for everyone to enjoy. Over the years the consoles have not become more environmentally friendly, but also improved in the quality of life. This includes tweaks to how Quick Resume works, the introduction of the night mode, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming rollout. 

There is a downside to your expensive console, it’s the accumulation of dust and clogging up its vents which a system update cannot fix. There is some good news as well if you never used the Microsoft console, there is a stock shortage of Xbox Series X which makes their availability difficult. While on the other hand Xbox Series S are not only easily available but better than expensive than its big brother. It’s a true next-gen console with less noise. 

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