How to Play Epic Games on Steam Deck
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Steam Deck was launched a month ago and looks like players are not finding it easy to handle more than just the Steam library on the go. In this article, we will get to know how to play Epic Games on Steam Deck. 

The handheld PC is portable which is its key selling point, though you may not get the same performance as a powerful gaming PC. Irrespective of this, players can enjoy their Stream library. As PC game libraries are not confined to a single platform, you can always choose to play all the free Epic Games Store games in your collection with it.

Steam Deck is a Linux-based PC, an open-source Linux-compatible game launcher that can boot up Epic Games Store titles. No need to panic even though it’s compatible with Linux it is fairly easy to install on the system.

No need to mess around when it comes to installing a new operating system on your Steam Deck to run your Epic Games library. It is relatively easy to play your Epic Games on Steam Deck,  You can download Heroic  2.1.0. update in various types for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Nicknamed “Rayleigh” comes with numerous Steam Deck-friendly features. 

It features a newly added support for gamepads. Don’t expect the Steam Deck’s controllers to be compatible right away, though it won’t be long before they all start working. The Heroic UI is already compatible with Xbox and PlayStation controllers as of now. 

The Rayleigh update features the new Wine Downloader, it will allow users to download the latest Wine-GE and Proton-GE versions. While the Proton-GE versions will be interesting for Proton-reliant Steam Deck

Both the tools are used to allow Linux machines to run Windows-compatible programs and the GE (or GloriousEggroll) versions are community-built versions of these tools. The latter are more experimental (read less stable) yet will support games more quickly than the base versions.

Not everyone will appreciate this but all in all, it will make playing on the Steam Deck even more like using their home PC.

As Steam Deck prepares to progress forward, Heroic and many other Linux-based programs will receive updates that will make them more compatible with the hardware. Stay tuned with us to know about more must-have tools for Steam Deck owners in the upcoming articles.

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