How to Play Games on Netflix App on your Phone or Tablet
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Netflix is a successful company that offers subscription-based video on demand from a library of films and television series and recently has entered the gaming arena. With this Android users can now download a selection of games to play on the Netflix App. 

Currently, Netflix is offering around five games with more expected over time. We will explain to you how to play them on Netflix App. 

If you are an iOS user, then you will have to wait a little longer as Netflix is working on bringing games to iPhones and iPads, though the exact dates of its launch is not known. 

Whenever that happens the entire process will be a bit different from the one on Android. Possibly users will have to download individual games from the App Store, against hosting them on the Netflix app.

How to Play Games on Netflix App on your Phone or Tablet?

To get started with playing games on the Netflix app simply follow these steps to get your game on.

1. Sign up and launch Netflix on your device

You will require to register for a Netflix account and activate your subscription. Once done you can sign in and open the app on your phone or tablet.

2. View the Games row or Games tab

For Android users, you will be able to view both a dedicated games row and a games tab on the Netflix home screen. While in the case of Android tablet users there will be a games row along with a games option in the categories dropdown.

3. Select the game to download and play

To play a game simply tap the game you want to download or play, if you have already installed it on your device. 

During the download process, you require to Tap ‘Get Game’ and then proceed to ‘Go to Google Play’. From here you can install the entire game from  Google Play Store itself – Simply tap ‘Install’ on the store page that appears.

I am not able to view the Netflix games tab

In case you don’t see the Netflix games tab don’t panic, as this option is not visible to everyone as of now. Netflix has just started rolling it out and it will take some time while it reaches you and many others. Be patient it will show up soon, you can also find the games available for download on the Play Store too.

Once you have downloaded the games you can launch them like any other app or game. You don’t need to enter the Netflix app, though you need to have a Netflix account. 

Currently available games on Netflix

Netflix Games Extra Stuff to Know

  • Games on Netflix are all free.
  • All the games are included in your Standard Netflix subscription.
  • Available on all Netflix price plans, you don’t require the four-screen Netflix Premium subscription.
  • No Adverts or in-app purchases. 
  • Every profile on your account will be able to access the games (except for kids’ profiles)
  • Some games will be available offline enabling you to play them even without an internet connection.

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