How to Redeem V-Bucks card in Fortnite
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Fortnite Players need to use V-Buck to purchase items from the in-game shop to buy skins and cosmetic items. You can find the V-Bucks in Epic Games Store and add them to your accounts in exchange for real money. In this guide, we will explain how to redeem a V-Bucks card in Fortnite which will make things a bit easier for you. 

Additionally, V-Bucks can be gifted to other Fortnite players when purchased in the form of cards. When you receive a V-Buck card you are required to activate it in Fortnite to add the amount to your account. 

Most of the players are not familiar with the redemption system, also there are not many redeemable codes in Fortnite. So you have V-Bucks, this is how you can redeem them.

How to redeem V-Bucks card in Fortnite?
To redeem your V-Bucks card you need to head over to Fortnite’s official website

  • Log into your account on the website with your preferred login method
  • Once logged in hover over to your name in the top right corner and click on Redeem Code
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can activate your V-Bucks card
  • Epic may also ask you to choose the platform that you want to receive your V-Bucks in. Once you pick your go-to platform to play Fortnite the process will automatically end.

You can use the above-mentioned method to redeem promotion codes too, that Epic hands out during events and collaborations. These codes include cosmetic items, skins, or even discount codes that players can use while purchasing games from the Epic Games Store.

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