Jujutsu Kaisen Bleach and Other Anime may Appear in Fortnite 
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Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, and Other Anime may Appear in Fortnite, a feast of sorts for all anime fans. According to a latest survey conducted by the developers, it looks like many anime series, artists, characters, and films are likely to make it to Fortnite this year.

Epic Games has now made it a practice to send surveys to get suggestions from players on upcoming cosmetics and crossovers. Anime seems to be the flavor of the season and we may be served the same in Fortnite soon.

We have already witnessed Naruto appear and it seems like Epic Games will focus on bringing more anime and manga content.

Upcoming Anime and manga crossovers for Fortnite Chapter 3

  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Yashahime
  • Ultraman
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
  • Bleach
  • Ben 10
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway
  • Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • One Piece

Other characters from these series that were mentioned in the survey include:

  • Kugisaki Nobara (Juijutsu Kaisen)
  • Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Graham Aker (Gundam)
  • Jolyne Cujoh (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Franky (One Piece)
  • Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Piccolo and Android 17 (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Cooler and Hit (Dragon Ball Super)

These crossovers are not yet official but have been teased in the survey. We may get to see the developers work their magic with them if they get a positive response. Jujutsu Kaisen Bleach and Other Anime may Appear in Fortnite-1

The popularity of Anime crossovers Rising
This will not be the first time Fortnite will venture into anime, earlier the platform introduced the Naruto crossover. The popularity of anime characters is huge with characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Saitama are now an integral part of pop culture.

Don’t forget the potential of anime skins to become a massive hit with the unique abilities and powers they possess. Developers will get a huge canvas to play with, to add reactive features, backbitings, and gliders that gain the attention of non-anime fans as well.

Chapter 3 Season 1 of Fortnite is underway, while the Uncharted crossover has led to the return of Treasure Maps. Imagined Order and The Seven have locked horns and loopers are experiencing earthquakes due to it.

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