Life Is Strange Game : True Colors
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Life is Strange: True Colors was announced last week, the new setup and theme make it look like Life is Strange 3, though it is part 4 of the game series. Created by Deck Nine, the creator of the prequel Before the Storm and not the main developer Dontnod.

A rare sight Alex Chen, an Asian American lead hides her curse: the psychic power of Empathy. She possesses the ability to absorb the emotions of others and see their auras, although sometimes it overwhelms her. She has to embrace her powers to find the truth about her brother who dies in a so-called accident.

The story starts with Alex moving over to the fictional Colorado town of Haven Springs to reunite with her brother Gabe. He is killed in a tragic accident, an event that sets the game in motion. Everyone believes it to be an accident while Alex thinks it has more to it than what meets the eyes. She uses her powers to seek the truth.Life Is Strange Game

The entire game will be released in one go, unlike the earlier versions where it was released in episodes. Though there will be an extra episode as a part of the Deluxe Edition.

Like its predecessors allows you to romance a boy or a girl. Steph from Before the Storm makes her appearance to be a viable candidate for female love. She is also expected to be the focus character in the so-called Deluxe-exclusive episode ‘Wavelengths’.

Life is Strange: True Colors will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S, PC, and Stadia on September 10. There is no Nintendo Switch version announced as yet. The original game and Before the Storm will be released on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC, and Stadia later this year. No announcements for the Nintendo Switch version for these as well. Pre-order now to get 4 additional in-game outfits.