Massive GTA 6 Gameplay Video Leak Hints Male and Female playable Characters
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A massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak indicates towards the introduction of male and female characters. The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto series is Rockstar’s most awaited offering and these leaks support the earlier leaks to give us a better look well in advance.

Hackers have themselves posted on GTAForums  around 90 video clips from the game. They have also included debug code and interfaces running and helping back up the veracity of the claims.

Ironically the hacker dubbed as ‘teapotuberhacker’ on the GTAForums, also claims to have a hand in the recent Uber hack. According to him, the videos were hacked from a Rockstar employee’s Slack account. It is the same MO used during the massive Uber cyberattack.

The leaks posted are either legit or fake, though one must say they have managed to convince an otherwise skeptical GTAForums member audience.

Numerous clips posted portray both male and female protagonist characters. This matches with earlier leaks reporting what to expect from the upcoming game. Another clip includes gameplay taking place in a Miami-analog fictional city, this also matches with another leak about what GTA 6 will bring to the franchise.

It’s worth noting that these videos show an older build of the game. Though previous reports indicated that development started in 2014, with GTA 5 launching in 2013, it would be reasonable to expect the game to have been in development for various months over the years.

The original article contains an opinion related to a popular series that you may want to add from a recent news article. “Rockstar” has long been criticized by many fans for the lack of updates on GTA 5 and Rockstar’s wish to focus on other games similar to it instead of GTA5.

These are leaks so let’s wait and watch, though it looks pretty interesting. 

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