Microsoft plans to decrease share of money from game developers
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Good news for game developers as Microsoft plans to decrease the share of money from them. This means now game developers can keep up to 88 percent of the fame revenue. Earlier it was around 77 percent for independent developers who published computer games on Microsoft.

The new changes will come into action in August, which could make the Microsoft store an attractive option./ Currently Valve gaming Store, Steam takes a cut of 30% from game developers. While Epic games stores take around 12 percent of the cut.

According to Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s vice president, who leads the gaming ecosystem organization said the company wanted to remain competitive in the market. The objective behind this is to have a leading revenue share and a leading platform.

The revenue share of game developers has come under the scanner across the tech industry. With Google and Apple taking nearly 30 percent of the cut from developers whose programs appear in their app stores have faced antitrust questions for it.

Apple and Google were sued by Epic separately last year for violating antitrust laws, forcing developers to use their payment systems. Epic tried to eliminate the fees by allowing customers to pay for items in its Fortnite video game directly via Epic. This resulted in Apple and Google booting off Epic from their app stores.

After this incident, Apple and Google have decreased the fees for some developers. The Epic lawsuit trial against Apple is on Monday in the U.S. District Court in Oakland, Calif.