Moss - Book 2 will be Available for Oculus Quest 2 Headset This Summer
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Polyarc Games, a Seattle-based VR developer promises to bring their recently-debuted adventure game Moss: Book 2 to the Oculus Quest 2 headset this summer.

Moss‘ mouse heroine Quill made the announcement in a virtual appearance at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Livestream on April 20. The game was introduced exclusively for PlayStation VR on March 31.

Moss: Book 2 revolves around an anonymous figure connected to Quill via a magical storybook. You play as a spooky, mute ghost that hovers above Quill.

With the traditional 2D game design and the ability you get from a VR, you can control directly with your gamepad giving you a wider perspective than she’d ever get.

You can also manipulate the environment around Quill to help her navigate obstacles. These include opening doors, moving objects, taking direct control of mechanical enemies, or healing her when she’s injured. 

According to Josh Stiksma, principal engineer and design director, “We’re really excited that we could actually have a bigger team because the game’s a little bit more ambitious. We have a little bit more leeway.”

She further said, “As a small studio, we have to make calls about where we have capacity. Having a little more bandwidth means we can bring a few more things in-game. The book is a very powerful experience in virtual reality, but seeing these animated characters move around you is also very strong. We want to try to strike a good balance of that.”

With VR getting enough hype and high-profile investment it is certainly the next big thing. With the inclusion of Metaverse though VR is forced to share some of the spotlights with other technologies like XR and AR.

Sticks said, “I think a lot of developers are taking a look at the landscape because it’s changing. You can see that the user base is still growing, when you look at the numbers of people adopting the newer headsets, like the Oculus Quest 2. You can see that there are large companies making big bets on the future of VR, which gives me a lot of confidence.”

Finally, she said, their organization has a bunch of stories to tell and they are excited to keep doing this as long as people are excited to keep playing our games.

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