Mythic Blades Weapon coming to Fortnite
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Recent Fortnite leaks suggest a Mythic Blades weapon coming to Fortnite. According to data-miner HYPEX, new files discovered in v19.30 suggest a Mythic Blades weapon is in the works.

According to the leak, the weapon looks identical to the “Wolverine’s Claws”. Earlier in December of 2020 for v15.00, the item was vaulted. Mythic Blades Weapon coming to Fortnite-1_Upcoming Mythic Blades weapon stats are as follows:

  • Minor Attack damage to players: 25
  • Minor Attack damage to structures: 50
  • Major Attack damage to players: 65
  • Major Attack damage to structures: 250
  • Spin Attack cooldown: 8 seconds

Players will also enjoy some additional features with these weapons such as “charge attack” and “boosted jumps”. It is still unclear how significant the boost will be. It is most likely Epic Games will add more files for blades in its next update expected to release on March 1, 2022. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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