New SSDs tuned for Chia plotting with Improved Endurance
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New SSDs tuned for Chia plotting with improved endurance have been launched by PNY. A pair of new SSD lines – LX3030 and LX2030 will be introduced with 18 times higher endurance levels. This can be compared with triple-level cell NAND flash memory. The drives will deliver up to 54,000 TBW (terabytes written) of endurance.

Chia plotting is commonly used by cryptocurrency farmers, it is particularly rough on storage mediums. It leverages unused storage space to verify blockchain transactions, something called the ‘proof of space and time’ model. The amount of writing that takes place is abnormal and can wreck a 512GB SSD in as little as six weeks.

Normal SSDs are not good for a Chia farmer and SSDs manufacturers are trying to incentivize the production of SSDs with more endurance levels than the enterprise solutions and we are seeing it coming to light.New SSDs tuned for Chia plotting

Earlier TeamGroup introduced T-Create Expert SSDs for Chia plotting. It was meant for creators and offered a TBW rating of up to 12000. Sabrent introduced the Plotripper lineup in June with a 12000 TBW rating, identical to the PNYs LX3030 lineup. Normal consumer drives are simply no match for the rated write endurance.

Addlink S70 is considered one of the best SSD used for gaming, the 2TB model comes with 3400 TBW. While WesternDigital’s SN850 in 2TB form is rated at 1,200 TBW.

PNY’s new models

  • LX3030 2TB: 54,000 TBW
  • LX3030 1TB: 27,000 TBW
  • LX2030 2TB: 10,000 TBWNew SSDs tuned for Chia plotting

Feature of the new PNY drives

  • PNY has used higher grade NAND flash chips.
  • Lower level turning parameters focused on write endurance.
  • Optimizations to the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) that dictates where exactly data is stored.
  • Custom firmware tuned for write flow, and an underlying AI engine.

Amidst fear of running out of storage devices, initially when cryptocurrency took off. No longer we need to worry about this happening as Chia mining will hopefully lead to the development of more durable SSDs.

Currently, PNY offers LX3030 and LX2030, though they are not available in retail outlets, you can get in touch with the PNY account manager pricing and other details.

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