New Steam Deck FAQ Is Live
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Ever since Valve launched Steam Deck back in July, the hype around it continues to get stronger. Nintendo Switch accepted pre-orders in the same month and managed to receive record-breaking 110,000 pre-orders in just an hour and a half. People have a lot of questions related to the device, Valve has answered it by releasing its first FAQ.

Now Steam Deck has come with yet another FAQ which is live on its official website. It will answer all the questions you have from Anti-cheat Support, SteamOS, and more.

Steam Deck FAQ 2.0: Answers to some of the common questions

We will cover some important questions without going through the list of all the questions.

1. Can you have multiple Steam accounts on one Steam Deck?
Valve answered this in the earlier FAQ, your data will be synced with the library and Steam Deck will save the data sets locally.

2. Will improvements to Proton for Steam Deck (Like Anti-cheat support) also apply to Proton on desktop?
Yes. With the arrival of the latest Proton version, it will include anti-cheat support. Once it is released by Steam it will be available for Desktop Linux and SteamOS on Steam Deck.New Steam Deck FAQ Is Live

3. Can I add and run non-Steam games through Proton?
Yes. Being a super portable Linux Machine, as soon as you add and run non Steam games through Proton on Linux Desktop, it will replicate and you can do the same on the console.

4. Can I play offline games on Steam Deck? If yes, how will the Console launch them?
Yes. Steam Deck allows you to play games even when you’re offline unless the game does require an internet connection to run. Fast speed internet connection will be required to download games.

5. Will Steam Deck support Dual-booting?
Yes. Dual-booting is supported in Steam Deck, you can install multiple OSes. You can also boot into an OS from a microSD card. The console formats SD cards to ext4.

6. Will Steam Deck support External GPUs (eGPUs)?
Stem Deck does not support eGPU.

7. Can I use Steam Deck as a PC controller?
Yes, there is a catch: you cannot connect it via cable, though you can by connecting it via Steam’s Remote Play option. This may result in some input lag, yet it’s nice to have that option.

Other Questions

1. Are all the screens on different Storage variants the same?
As far as the display specs are concerned it’s the same for all variants. Though the 512GB variant will feature an anti-glare screen to keep those pesky reflections out of the way.

2. Does the headphone jack support both audio and mic?
Yes, the headphone jack will support audio output and input.

3. Is Multi-touch supported? How long is the charging cable?
Yes, but the console does support 10 finger multi-touch, the charging cable is 1.5 meters / 4.9 feet long.

Source: Steam Deck

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