New Warzone Riot Shield Glitch Makes Players Invincible
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The new Warzone Riot Shield makes players invincible, though it happens only after a very specific event.

As if the hacking worries were not enough, the game now is being infested with many glitches. Raven has been working hard trying to fix these bugs but at the end of the day players always end up finding something new.

This one is perhaps the strongest and the most powerful Warzone glitches you may have ever witnessed, it turns players using Riot Shield totally invincible. Though the glitch is not as bad as the God Mode hack cheaters used, it is very frustrating.

Players Remain Invincible using Riot Shield in Warzone

With the game infested with cheaters lately, they are not only managing to teleport around the map but also drive deadly flying motorbikes. The new issue is more of a glitch than a hack.

One of the Reddit users LordTexugo posted a clip, which shows him using a Riot Shield in the brand-new Clash 50v50 game mode. You can clearly see even after he has been shot by the enemy using the Combat Bow Killstreak he remains invincible. The explosive arrow manages to leave him with no health yet it turns out he manages to survive.

If you are aware, Combat Bow is by no means small ammunition, it is insanely powerful against vehicles but turns out it can also turn Riot Shield players into invincible super soldiers.

In the video clip, you can see players try to shoot, punch and even run over LordTexugo with a car, but nothing worked. He ever goes into the gas but that does not kill him.

Thankfully the glitch does not happen regularly, it happens only when a player with a Combat Bot shoots an opposing Riot Shield user. This is the second time players have identified a glitch in the game. Earlier players were able to equip two Riot Shields in War Zone to become bulletproof.

Seems the problems with Riot Shield are never-ending, hope developers at Raven work on trying to fix the glitch as soon as possible.

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