PC Building Simulator - Free Game on Epic Games Store
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PC Building Simulator is a free game on Epic Games Store. The free game is proving to be very popular, with already over 2.5 million gamers on the store since it first became available for free yesterday, Thursday, October 7.

You can download the simulator to decide if it is ridiculous or incredibly satisfying. Like the many sim games available, PC Building Simulator portrays an exclusive type of fantasy. The game is the best way to learn how your PC works and how to improve it.

The idea behind the game developers is to allow players to run a PC workshop, get the hang of buying real-life components, and building what the customer asks. The game also challenges you to resolve both hardware and software problems and acts as a good stepping stone toward understanding how their gaming machines work.

One of the best features is to convert your work computer into a game computer, exactly like your IRL. The game even adjusts the RGB lights and wallpaper of your machine to match.

The different levels serve you the worthwhile know-how and tools anyone wants to learn. To be honest it’s more than just a game as it truly offers some knowledge that can prove to be valuable when you start building your own rigs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add the game to your Epic Games account for free until October 14, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

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