PCS4 - Americas Kicks Off
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PCS4 – Americas Kicks Off today with the qualifiers and a record number of registered teams in the Latin American event. The PCS4 grand finale will take place on June 25 with a prize pool of US $250,000 and will award ranking points for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC).

A total of 160 teams will be participating in the Latin American event, who will face each other in three knockout rounds. Eight teams from these will qualify for the group stage while the North American selective will have 80 competitors.

The PCS4 will be the second tournament to bring together teams from Latin America and North America within the official competitive circuit of the Americas.

This circuit was inaugurated with North American team Shoot To Kill(STK) winning after the ESL PUBG Masters concluded last Sunday.

The event will also have subregions with their own qualification phase and own group phase. While teams from the two sub-regions will also compete in the Last Chance Qualifier and the Grand Final.

PCS4 Americas – Calendar for the PhasesPCS4 Time Table

Open Classification

Entries will be open for any team. Latin America has witnessed a huge number of registrations with 182 teams registering and 160 being able to participate in the selection as per the calendar below.

  • First Round: Day 1: May 5 (160 teams participate, 64 advances)
  • First Round: Day 2: May 6 (64 teams participate, 32 advances)
  • Second Round: May 8 and 9 (32 teams participate, 16 advances)
  • Third Round: May 11 and 12 (16 teams participate, 8 qualify)

Group stageGroup Stage Prize Pool

Latin America Group Stage will feature 24 teams, eight teams from open classification. While the other is top 16 teams are from the ESL PUBG Masters Group Stage. These will be divided into three groups to face each other in 30 games over six days. This is the calendar for the same.

  • Week 1: May 14, 15 and 16
  • Week 2: May 18, 19 and 20

Top 6 teams will qualify automatically for the Grand Final. Teams from seven to fourteen places will have another chance at the Last Chance Qualifier alongside the North American representatives.

Last Chance QualifierLast Chance Qualifier Prize Pool

At this stage, there will be 16 participating teams – 8 from Latin America and 8 from North America. Teams will meet in 12 games on May 22 and 23, in search of four places for the Grand Final.

Grand finale

The Grand Final phase will feature 16 participating teams: Top six from Latin America, Top six from North America, and Top four from the Last Chance Qualifier will compete against each other for six days over three weeks, according to the following schedule

  • First Week: June 10 and 11
  • Second Week: June 17 and 18
  • Third Week: June 24 and 25

Further details about the Grand Final will be announced shortly.

Live Transmission

PCS4 Americas will be broadcasted live on the official PUBG channels on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.