Playstation 5G
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Playstation 5G is literally an upgraded successor of handheld Sony PS VITA. It is theoretically a bridge between Sony PlayStation and the Xperia Smartphone.

It would be a great idea if PlayStation users were to shift over to mobile. New York designers ANESTHÉTIQUE PROJETS the Sony PlayStation 5G concept transforms the gaming console into a portable design to create a new rival for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The latest creation has got so many similarities it is difficult to stop comparing it with the Switch Lite. The latest Playstation 5 is incredibly thin like some of the latest smartphones around. It also offers a multi-camera setup and 5G capabilities. This makes you wonder if it is a gaming console or a smartphone and if it runs on a PS-themed version of Android. Presently we are talking about the device only based on the render images available.

Rumors suggest Sony has been working on a cloud gaming platform code name ‘PlayStation Now’. This will compete against the other cloud gaming platforms such as Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox. With the development of the cloud gaming platform, Sony will bring the gaming titles onto user’s smartphones with multiple device capabilities. Considering the current mobile gaming trend across the world it surely makes sense. PlayStation 5G being a console/smartphone hybrid surely would be a sensible decision.

PlayStation 5G concept is lightweight, offers a large touchscreen, slim form factor, physical controls, and a powerful multi-lens camera. You can plug in a 5G Sim card to connect with a 5G network and enjoy console-level gaming anywhere practically anywhere.

The presence of the 5G network, it will help overcome issues Google Stadia currently faces. While its cameras can turn out to be a showstopper, the secret recipe for the success of the device will be its ability to play PlayStation titles and the presence of physical controls. The PlayStation 5 will be competing against gaming phones such as ASUS ROG Phone, Lenovo Legion Duel 2 Phone, and more.

The PS5G concept device will be powered by probably an Android OS tailored specifically for Sony. If you take a close look at the rendered images, it seems likely it will have at least 5 lenses with Zeiss branding on it.

If the PlayStation 5G concept sees the day’s light, it certainly will be a game-changing device. Not only will it give the Nintendo Switch stiff competition but will also offer gamers the powers of 5G connectivity along with the multiple camera lenses.