PUBG Mobile adds a Self-Driving Tesla Model Y
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PUBG Mobile adds a self-driving Tesla Model Y with its latest 1.5 PUBG mobile updates. Players can now find the Tesla Model Y on Erangle; it can self-drive when you activate the autopilot mode on the highway.

Now you will discover a Gigafactory on Erangel, here you can build the Tesla Model Y by activating the switches. Supply crates are dropped by self-driving Semi-trucks that roam around the map when you damage the vehicles. Though you can see the Cybertruck and Roadster in the backdrop, you cannot drive them yet.

After Erangel went through an overhaul of the building and new equipment, including an anti-gravity motorcycle, they now get a larger technological transformation with the Tesla Model Y addition.

Tesla seems to have gone out of its way to advertise its EVs in countries where it does not have its presence. The chances of a Tesla Model Y update coming to the PUBG Battle Grounds console and PC are thin.

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