PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube Channel Taken Down
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PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube channel taken down from the video-sharing and social media platform. It is still not clear why it has been taken down, PUBG mobile fans across the world are confused since it happened for the past few days.

Earlier on 2, October, the channel was hacked during PMPL live stream. Currently, on visiting the channel you will be greeted with an error message due to the takedown.

PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube channel has nearly 3.2 million subscribers, it is a base of streaming major esports tournaments of PUBG Mobile esports. The channel hosts videos of earlier tournaments, which also includes the very first event on PUBG Mobile.

Currently, the exact reason behind the takedown is unknown. Though it may be related to the hacking incident a few days ago. The other possible reason for the takedown maybe the management is reorganizing the channel’s assets.

Tencent has not yet commented on this issue, it is also not clear if the channel will be back online or not. At the time of writing the channel page shows an error message that says “this page isn’t available”. So the fans, for now, have to wait for action by the channel authority.PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube Channel Taken DownWhat is the future of PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube Channel?

Since the official YouTube channel is currently down, users will have to use their regional channels or country-based channels to watch the ongoing tournaments. Fans across the world can head over to the respective region’s channel, with the PMPL North America opening today. You can enjoy PMPL South Asia Season 4 via PUBG Mobile’s country-based channels for Bangladesh, Pakistan, or even from the regional channel i.e. PUBG Mobile Esports South Asia.

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