PUBG Mobile- Game Hackers to Pay  US$10million in Damages to Tencent and Krafton
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PUBG Mobile game hackers will have to pay the US $10 million in damages to Tencent Games and Studio Krafton. The hackers were involved in creating and distributing hacks that allowed players to cheat in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

The federal courts in the US and Germany have ruled in favor of PUBG Mobile publisher Tencent Games and studio Krafton. The game hackers have also been instructed to refrain from activities involving cheating in the future. They were also asked to share the information on how they were able to exploit PUBG Mobile and the information on their collaborators with the game developers. 

Minu Lee, Head of PUBGM Product Management at KRAFTON, Inc. said, “This legal victory bolsters our collective commitment to fiercely protect our games, PUBG IP, and global community,”, 

While Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile producer Rick Li said the judgments “send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG Mobile”.

The companies will be investing the funds recovered from the lawsuit in the further development of anti-cheating technology in PUBG Mobile. Earlier the game developers introduced a device ban feature, where a cheater on being identified is permanently banned from the game. Cheaters will also no longer be able to log into the game or create a new account on the device. 

According to the company they have invested in the technology to improve replay screening and evaluation to catch cheaters and imposed more penalties on players exploiting cheats.

With the rise in instances of cheating, game developers have taken stringent measures to combat cheating. 

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