Really are Fortnite Servers Are Down?
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If you are wondering if Fornite servers are down, right now things might prove to be bumpy for Fortnite players. Fortnite servers are having issues resulting in Fortnite players not being able to log in and having trouble playing the game. 

Usually, Fortnite is quick to respond to any glitches, bugs, and errors that often crop up. Fortnite is known to quickly fix these server issues quickly and releases patches for more serious issues in a quick time frame. 

Currently, Fortnite players are reporting issues with matchmaking for the game. Everyone seems to be asking are Fortnite servers are down right now. 

Really are Fortnite Servers Are Down?
It is not common for Fortnite players to experience such an issue. HYPEX in a tweet said, Fortnite’s servers are experiencing some login & matchmaking issues again.” Down Detector has also reported Fortnite server issues since the last day and a half.  The number of complaints related to the issues has been rapidly growing. 

The fact is YES, Fortnite servers are down and facing issues with the game. Players are having trouble login in or matchmaking as mentioned earlier. Additionally, Fortnite players are also getting an error message which says, “You don’t have permission to play”.

With multiple errors popping up, players are finding it difficult to play Fortnite. With the new year-round corner, there seems to be no indication of the issues being resolved soon. 

FortniteStatus in a tweet stated, they are aware of the issues and are working on it. Though it won’t be an immediate fix it will surely be pretty fast. 

As soon as the issue is resolved players will be able to enjoy the game soon. 

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