Roblox Exploits Young Game Developers
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According to a new investigative report, Roblox exploits young game developers. People Make Games has accused Roblox of exploiting young game developers in a video posted on YouTube.

Quintin Smith from People Make Games, in the video discloses Roblox’s shady exchange system. According to him, it is incredibly hard for developers to make money from the platform.

The video further sheds light on how Roblox, which has 200 million users, encourages young game developers to work incredibly hard with unreasonable expectations of success.

The concept of Roblox is to make games for kids to play made by kids. The developers of these games can monetize their games and are paid in a virtual currency called Robux.

Further in the video People Make Games revealed it is extremely difficult to get a game noticed among the millions of games available on its platform. Though you can, you can use Robux to bid for an ad slot in an auction.

Robux users can turn their Robux money into real money, though the minimum withdrawal amount is 100,000 Robux, worth around $1000. This ensures the Roblox developer does not hit the cap and plow the money back into Roblox.

Apart from this creators are also not allowed to withdraw any Robux until they first pay for a Roblox monthly premium subscription. That’s not all, PMG mentioned Roblox buys Robux from users at a different rate than it sells them (100,000 Robux gets you $350). Just goes to show a close resemblance to the historical mining and logging camps paying workers in company scrip.

The video has an interview of an 11-year-old kid, who tried and failed to make it as a Roblox developer. He said, “Even though Roblox encourages you to make games, the likelihood of you making a successful game is basically zero. You always compete with the people that have lots of money.”

There are a lot more interesting things PMG has revealed about Roblox, don’t forget to watch the entire video below for more exciting revelations.

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