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The recent Fortnite update has got us all excited, this time Epic Games introduction of Lara Croft is going to get us all rolling. You can now indulge yourself trying to solve Lara Croft’s Manor Mystery in Fortnite Creative.

We bring you the guide which shows how to solve Lara Croft’s Manor Mystery in Fortnite Creative

Fortnite has been regularly getting updates, this allows players to check out a number of gaming modes, new weapons, new items, and a large chunk of new costumes and character skins.

What has changed this season?

Earlier Tomb Raiders series crossover event was a huge success. This year Epic Games has come up with a new experience called Croft Manor in Fortnite Creative. As the story goes, Lara Croft is a butler, while Winston tells Lara Croft about the strange lights and effects emerging from within the Croft Manor.

To solve the mystery players will have to explore the deepest corners of the manor. Their squads will have to solve all the mysteries and secrets. The Fortnite Creative mode has been developed by Alliance Studios, who have done an exceptional job, especially with the in-game map design.

How to Solve Lara Croft’s Manor Mystery in Fortnite Creative

Considering the backdrop of the story, you will have to complete the mission either individually or as a team. One who manages to complete the mission to the end will uncover a secret code. This code will allow them to access the Lara Croft-themed spray. Players can use it whenever they want.

  • To access the Croft Manor game you will have to go to the Main Menu of Fortnite players. Select it from game mode listings, it is currently one of the featured game modes.
  • When you start a Creative game you will also find the portal as it is a featured mode there as well.

Both the options are only available until March 31st. After this player will have to input the code 0116-9392-3142 to access the Croft Manor.