Sony celebrates 5 years of PlayStation VR by Giving Free PlayStation VR games
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Sony celebrates 5 years of PlayStation VR by giving Playstation Plus members three free Playstation VR games.

Sony has not made it clear what the free games will be, but they will be offered at no extra charge in November.

Playstation in a blog post said, “Since the PS VR launch, we have seen a diverse range of unique experiences that showcase a sense of presence we set out to achieve with this platform, including critically acclaimed games such as the thrilling sights and sounds action shooter Rez Infinite, the epic rescue mission platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and the stealth action of Hitman 3.”

Sony also revealed the top five most played PlayStation VR games globally such as Rec Room, Beat Saber, PlayStation VR Worlds, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and Resident Evil 7 biohazard
The upcoming PlayStation VR titles include Moss: Book 2, Wanderer, After the Fall, Humanity, Puzzling Places, Zenith: The Last City, and more.

Nicolas Doucet, Team Asobi said, “As far as I can recall, my first experience of PS VR was actually with a prototype of Project Morpheus (the codename of PS VR in its early phase) where I found myself at the top of a very high diving board with an Olympic pool right below me. This demo was meant to show how we can get a sense of vertigo in VR. And it worked remarkably well.”

Other developers have also mentioned their thoughts in the blog post.

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