Sony trademarks Knack - Expect a PS5 Sequel soon
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After a number of rumors finally, Sony trademarks Knack, you can also expect to see a Knack PS5 sequel soon. There had been a lot of speculation after this year’s Game Developers Conference about PlayStation. Since many insiders and outlets close to Sony spread rumors of Sony teasing some major announcements later this week as it prepares to unveil a rival service to Xbox Game Pass.

@Gamastu in a tweet on March 17, 2022, in Japan, said, Sony has finally filed a trademark for Knack. While some gamers are still wondering where Knack 3 was. 

The news of the trademark is exciting, though earlier games have been leaked when such information has gone public. Earlier last year Namco Bandai filed trademarks for “Wahoo Encore” and “1&2 Encore”, which turned out to remaster of the first two Klonoa games.

Game developers are known to renew trademarks they have owned in the past. With Knack approaching its tenth anniversary it is likely the trademark is up for renewal. 

With this there may be a slight chance of Knack 3 showing up, it was originally a PS4 launch title met by middling reviews. Though with Sony’s new console back then it lacked the charm and fun factor of more established 3D platformers.

Then came the Knack 2, it was bigger and better in all aspects, though it did not manage to hit the cash registers. The success of the first game was entirely due to it being a pack-in or bundle title.

Looks like the stage is all set for Knack 3 to make an appearance vibrantly as a family-friendly 3D platformer in the same vein as Astro Bot. Maybe we get more challenging puzzles and combat sections.

Do you think Knack will appear if Sony ever decides to revive its crossover fighting game series, PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale, Do mention your views in the comments section below?

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