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Super Mario Bros fans all over the world celebrated the 35th Anniversary. There also have been rumors going around about Mario going to die.

Mario is an Italian plumber who changed the world of video games forever. It has been 35 years since and Nintendo has picked up the event to thank its fans for celebrating another milestone year.

There have been a number of tweets going on Twitter from fans and well-wishers. One of these tweeted “Mario dies tomorrow, I’m gonna miss him,” with a sad face.

While there was one from Nintendo Japan said “Thank you to everyone who joined us in commemorating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. We hope you continue to Power-Up and enjoy Mario and friends’ adventures!”

Earlier last month a similar rumor was spread, it said: “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” would continue to be available only to those who download it before March 31, and “Super Mario Bros 35” would not be playable at all after that date.

Just a reminder, not all theories come true on the internet. Fans can now be rest assured Mario is all well and nothing is gonna stop him.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System — Nintendo Switch Online version of ‘Super Mario All-Stars’ will continue to be available on Nintendo eShop and at local retailers beyond March 31st, 2021.