Take-Two Interactive - Rockstar Issues Takedowns After Grand Theft Auto VI Leak
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Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar issues takedowns after the massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak. The leak involved distribution of 90 videos and images of Grand Theft Auto VI, a much awaited version after the success of Grand Theft Auto V released in 2013. 

The Grand Theft Auto VI leak is one the biggest confidential data breaches in gaming history. The hacker posted the leaked data on GTAForums website going by the name teapotuberhacker.

In a bid to remove the  footage from YouTube and Twitter, Rockstar has taken down the original post, though this was not before the images and video proliferated across social media.

The hacker has also threatened to leak the source code for Grand Theft Auto V and the in-development version of Grand Theft Auto VI. The footage shows animation tests, level layouts and gameplay tests, including some fully voiced conversations between characters. They have also threatened to leak the source code for Grand Theft Auto V and the in-development version of Grand Theft Auto VI, in a bid to get Rockstar Games and Take Two to negotiate a deal.

A video game leak is terrible for a developer as it may contain confidential information and  viewers may have the incorrect impression of a game prior to the release. Uninformed viewers do not understand that an in-development build does not represent the final product and will judge a game before its release. These leaks are demoralizing to developers who spend years making a big-budget game without any evidence of the quality of their skills.

Prominent developers across the games industry have spoken out in sympathy with the people working at Rockstar Games over the weekend.

Game developer, Neil Druckmann says, “A leaked game isn’t going to make or break a company. But it can be really frustrating when someone takes away your team’s hard work and doesn’t respect the effort that went into it.”

GTA V is one of the most successful entertainment products ever released. It has generated close to a billion dollars in revenue, and GTA VI is expected to go even higher when it is released.

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