The Rock And LeBron James Skins Will Make it to Fortnite
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It is confirmed The Rock and LeBron James skins will make it to Fortnite. Fortnite’s internal documents revealed these two incredible real-life individuals will soon be seen on the Fortnite platform.

While there is a battle of sorts going on between Epic and Apple inside the courtroom. It seems it will take quite some time for things to settle down between the two. In between this commotion, several documents were released that were not meant for external viewing. The contents of the documents are yet to be released on Fortnite. Amongst some of the details available were planned additions to the title’s premium Icon skin series. The Icon skin series had specific references being made to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and basketball superstar LeBron James.

The details thus leave no further doubt that both the individuals will soon be immortalized in Fortnite shortly. The slides on which they appear have reference dates that have already long passed.

The details suggest The Rock is listed as Q1 2021 and LeBron as Q4 2020.

Thus there seem to be two possible outcomes, either the studio decided against adding the likeness of both or have delayed their arrival for unspecified reasons.

Now that the information is in the public domain, it seems likely Epic will require to give a valid reason for their continued absence. Keep in touch for the latest Fortnite-related information on Technoidhost.

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