Top 5 Offline Shooting Games for Android
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When you wish to spend time playing games to kill your boredom one place to head toward is the Google Play Store. You will find many games you can choose from but if you are in love with gunfight we have some personal choices. At times it becomes impossible for you to play games on Android because of lack of internet connectivity or a crappy network but you need not worry we have made a selection of Top 5 Offline Shooting Games for Android.

Top 5 Offline Shooting Games for Android

Cover FireCover_Fire

Cover File allows you to build battlefield strategies and lead the group of heroes in the war against the Tetracorp Corporation.

There are several characters to choose from and you also have a huge arsenal at your disposal to choose from to fight with the enemies in dangerous terrains.

We could consider it to be one of the best offline shooting games available with high-end graphics.

The game comes with 60 sessions which will bring you closer to the action where you will lead the revolution with haptics shooting your way through.

You will be in control of your soldiers, altering each one of them as you utilize their special powers to win the battle. The soldiers can also be upgraded, which will make them faster, stronger and more lethal as the game progresses.

Sniper X with Jason StathamSniper-X-with-Jason-Statham

An exciting game fast game where you can team up with Jason Statham as a sniper in Sniper X game for Android. You get to be the part of Statham’s elite paramilitary team ‘Spear’ and wreak devastation against the lawless and terrorizing outfits.

Jason Statham’s voice will lead you, commanding your unit and help you overcome your tasks with greater ease.

You can give the rifle’s a customized look and also upgrade them to shoot better. The Kill-Cam feature makes things even better as it confirms the kills and also shows you a near clip of your shot.

The game comes with a wide range of assault, sniper rifles, and shotguns for you to choose from which is also more than what you can find in Jason Statham’s armory.

N.O.V.A. LegacyN.O.V.A. Legacy

Gameloft’s N.O.V.A legacy is a compact 20 MB version of the N.O.V.A saga which requires around 2GB of download. It is an enjoyable sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) game.

The game has an immersive story mode where you control the game’s hero, Karl Wardin. Karl Wardin is assisted by Al Yelena along with you try to defend the Colonial Administration forces.

The game allows you to choose and upgrade to powerful weapons like assault rifles and plasma guns. You also get to play limited-time shadow events to earn rewards.

The game also comes with a multiplayer mode with up to 6 players fighting over the leaderboard in a deathmatch.

Your character in the game can be customized with a variety of Marine and alien skins available in the game.


An awesome sniper game witan an immersive storyline told via comic strips during the game give Lonewolf an interesting plot and feel.

The next mission is determined by the storyline and you have to execute your target using the various weapons available including Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles, Pistols, Bombs, and at times indulging in physical combat to eliminate the target with your bare hands.

The game is popular amongst Android gamers and been downloaded more than a million times. It is compatible with Android devices running version 4.0 and above.

Suicide SquadSuicide Squad

The Suicide Squad game is based on the Super-Villain movie by Warner Bros and lets you control the supervillains as you fight hordes of enemies that try to stop you.

The game Emulates characters like Harley Quinn with her signature Baseball Bat, Deadshot with his Sniper Rifle, and Diablo the Flame-Thrower in the game and survive as long as you can in this challenging game.

The goal is to defend against the enemies, the longer you are able to withstand the higher your scores. You can challenge the daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboard in this crazy high-octane game.

Get ready to download one of these and get started. Do leave us a comment on your experience playing these games.