Top 5 Tips and Tricks For Playing Warzone Games Properly
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In the Warzone, you’ll be put into a last-player-standing war with a total of 150 people, which is more than the normal 100 in games like PUBG and Fortnite, and by default, you’ll be on a three-person team. Other important details include that you’ll all begin in an aircraft, flying over the battlefield, which is customary for a battle royale. 

From here, you can check the flight route on the in-game radar and plot where you and your friends wish to land. Then it’s time to battle tooth and nail for survival from the minute you step out of the plane. If you stand within the regularly closing ring of deadly gas, you will die instantly. If you can avoid getting murdered by other players and just being killed in general, you’ll have a chance.

Here are some warzone wallhack tips and tricks to help you play warzone better.

Tips and tricks to help you play warzone better

  • Before you drop, look at the map
    The landing zone you choose is crucial at the start of a match. The moment you see the clip of the plane starting up, pull up the map screen for your match and see where the dwindling gas circle begins. It will assist you in determining where individuals are most likely to land, as well as where you’ll need to aim when the storm approaches.
  • Don’t keep your money in a safe deposit box.
    At its core, Warzone is a monetary economy. You’ll earn money while you race about, and you’ll earn much more if you complete contracts. In some battles, you’ll have a hard time finding any, but in others, you’ll be floating in it in no time.

    Whatever you do, don’t keep your cash for too long. There are no rewards for retaining currency, so it’s essentially only there to be used at the Buy Stations displayed on your map. These allow you to purchase killstreaks such as additional armor plates and loadout drops.

  • To fall faster, pop and cut your chute.
    Players discovered a sneaky technique to obtain a head start in a match as soon as Warzone was live. You may pop your parachute whenever you want to drift down more slowly as you descend from the plane across the map.

    People soon discovered that they could cut their rope and dive again and again, re-popping their parachute as many times as they wanted. Most gamers now take advantage of this.

  • Use your experience when it comes to equipment.
    You’ll also come across a variety of field equipment as you go throughout the area, which might come in handy in a crisis. There are several ways they may be of help, whether it’s a deployable patch of cover to block an enemy’s sightline, the Dead Silence field improvement to make you quiet for a period, or anything else.

    One amusing method is using a field drone. If you utilize the drone and one of your teammates possesses C4, they can use the C4 to transform the drone into a miniaturized, mobile explosive.

  • Take advantage of the Gulag.
    One of the most refreshing aspects of Warzone is that death isn’t always the end. For starters, unless you die near the conclusion of the game, you’ll be transported to the Gulag, a mineshaft of a cell where you’ll wait for a one-on-one shootout to earn your way back onto the battlefield. If your squad has the funds, they can still purchase you back even if you lose.
  • For a change of pace, try Plunder or Resurgence.
    Of course, Warzone isn’t simply a battle royale game; there’s also Plunder, a mode in which you scour the area for cash and cash alone before sending it to preset locations. It’s far more chaotic and hectic than battle royale, especially now that respawns are available, and there’s no gas circle to contend with.
    It is a terrific alternative to switch it up with if you’re tired of the nail-biting stress of battle royale rounds, and you might even like it. It’s especially good for leveling up your firearms – jump into Plunder with a double weapon XP token active and focus on Supply Runs with vehicles to quickly climb the ranks.
  • For easier games, stick to Vanguard Royale.
    With the release of Pacific, Warzone had a dilemma in the shape of innumerable firearms to integrate from three different games. While the primary Battle Royale mode allows you to utilize any mix of them, we believe Vanguard Royale will appeal to more players.

If you’ve never won a game before or haven’t in weeks, keep playing smart and making tactical judgments, and the victories will come eventually. They won’t always go your way, though – we’ll never forget one game in Verdansk when we were on a losing run.

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