Twitch Now Available On Nintendo Switch
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Twitch will now be available on Nintendo Switch, though it has been around for almost five years there have not been many media services available on the platform. 

You can download Hulu and YouTube but services such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, and many other video and audio platforms are still not available with it. 

In a blog post on Thursday, the live video streaming service announced, “Twitch is now available on Nintendo Switch. Starting today, all the Twitch goodness you care about from gaming to music, to exciting live esports — it’s all available on your Nintendo Switch. With millions of unique creators every day streaming everything under the sun, if it’s worth watching, it’s live on Twitch right now.”

The Twitch app is a player similar to the one you get on smart TV platforms. This will enable you to broadcast games from your Switch with the app. You can also sign in to your Twitch account to access the following channels, search for streamers, and watch VODs and clips. You can view on both big screen or handheld mode, though you will require to use a smartphone to type messages in the chat.

Other services such as Discord should certainly be made available too, as it will enable anyone without a smart TV or other streaming devices. It can also turn your Switch into a handy dedicated Twitch screen on your desk, with the Switch’s kickstand, in case you have no tablets or computer monitors.

Starting from today you can download Twitch from the Nintendo eShop for free. The new app joins the list of other additions to Switch like the new Switch Online subscription tier with access to games from the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

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