Knockout City Aaffordable Dodgeball Fun
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Knockout City, an action multiplayer video game developed by Electronic Arts promises to offer plenty of dodgeball fun with many updates to come.

According to an interview given to Washington Post, the developers at Velan Studios, who have also worked on “Mario Kart Live” shared insights to Knockout City and its various modes.

The game is simple where you have to strike the opponent with a dodgeball two times to knock them out. It also comprises modes called “playlists”, the goal is to reach 10 knockouts before the opposing team does. In the other modes, players have to collect the diamonds dropped when an enemy is knocked out.

The best part is you can also play as a dodgeball, to become a ball you simply have to hold down the button. Your teammate will have to toss you into an enemy like a homing missile.Knockout City Aaffordable Dodgeball FunThe game looks pretty straightforward but comes with a lot of action from catching the ball to prevent someone from knocking you out, to performing a pirouette, bending the ball past obstacles like walls and cars, and to perfecting my aim as the homing missile seeking enemies. The game can be played better using an Xbox controller.

It has a resemblance to Electronic Arts’ colorful and splashy three-vs.-three shooter, “Rocket Arena,” developed by Final Strike Games. You can try Knockout City free for 10 days, during a block party in-game event, you can also purchase it for $19.99.

This makes Knockout City $20 less than Rocket Arena and around $40 less than the bigger EA games. While the free trial will give users a chance to check out if the game will offer them something to enjoy.Knockout City Aaffordable Dodgeball FunGuha Bala, co-founder of Velan Studios said, “Especially for us as an indie studio, leaning into gameplay, not wanting to do aggressive paywall mechanics and things like that, we thought a relatively low premium price but with loads of content packed in, will bring in as many people as possible.”

According to Karthik Bala, his brother, “the 10-day trial will help people understand what “Knockout City” is, as it’s not purely a shooter, fighting game, nor sports title, but contains elements of all three genres.”

The first season of the game starts on May 25, and each season will last for nine weeks. The game will also be updated with new content every week, new gameplay, challenges, playlists, and different types of dodgeballs over time. There will also be updates to current features in the near future. Though it is not yet clear if Knockout City will support in-game concerts like Fortnite and Roblox.Knockout City Aaffordable Dodgeball FunGuha Bala said, “What we’re delivering, we do it with a sense of balance because one of the real pernicious things about a live services game is that you never stop. Just like this pandemic, it’s like, we’re working from home, and you can’t leave work. So you have to develop better practices to handle that … and we’ve started to reorient ourselves, but that’s going to be a work-in-progress.”

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