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If you don’t know where to build wooden hatchery in Fortnite Season 7, this article may prove to be helpful. The first quest will require players to construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite.

With a new set of Legendary challenges released every week during Fortnite Season 7, players will have to complete them within 7 days. This is different from the Weekly Epic challenges as the challenges will disappear after a week forever. The Legendary challenges are an integral part of the storyline and this season they will be great for XP.

Players will be required to take care of and nurture the alien parasite. They will also have to build them a home, finding eggs, and reading up on the latest parenting guides. Bush Ranger will have to take care of these extraterrestrial creatures, while invaders and their parasites are hostile.

Where to build Wooden Hatchery in Fortnite?Three Wooden Hatchery Locations

Players will have to build a wooden hatchery before taking care of these eggs. The Bush Ranger will take care of these alien eggs kept in the wooden hatchery. Players can build these wooden hatcheries in three locations, though you only need to build one to complete the challenge.

You can follow the map below to know the exact locations of these three hatcheries.

Three Wooden Hatchery Locations

  • West of Graggy Cliffs on an Island
  • South of Slurpy Swamp on a Small Landmass
  • East of Catty Corner in a Cabin Past the Mountains

When players are near the building site you will have to press the action button to build the wooden hatchery. The building sites are marked by a glowing blue structure; it resembles the completed hatchery.

The challenge is completed once you build it, and earn 45k experience points. On completing five weekly challenges players will earn 165k experience points. These challenges are not so difficult, gives you a quick opportunity to earn a ton of XP.

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