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With Fortnite challenges releasing today for chapter 3 season 1 week 6 you need to know where to find Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine locations to complete the challenge. To achieve this you need to purchase random items from the Malfunctioning Vending Machine. 

Most of the challenges have already been leaked by data miners prior to release. Many of the challenges remain the same while some may change here and there or completely. In this guide, we bring you the fastest way to complete the challenge of finding Malfunctioning Vending Machines in Fortnite

Where to find Malfunctioning Vending Machines in Fortnite?
You will need a malfunctioning vending machine in order to purchase something. We bring you all the locations where you can find them to help you complete this challenge quickly. In the map below you can find all the vending machine locations in chapter 3 season 1Where to Find Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine Locations

From the map above it is clear you head over to Sleeping Sound since you will find three different vending machines there. The other option would be Coney Crossroads. With the two locations being close to each other, it’s best you drop in one of the two locations and then proceed to the other. 

The Malfunctioning Vending Machine in Fortnite is red and has an exclamation mark on it. A total of 100 gold coins are required to get a random item from it.  This is how malfunctioning vending machines look like in FortniteFortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine

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