Why Google Game Streaming Service Stadia Dies
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It is not a surprise why Google game streaming service Stadia dies, since Google lacks the expertise in gaming unlike its rivals such as Geforce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

Google with its limited abilities in the gaming segment failed to win trust amongst its users. After surviving a year or two after portraying a poor understanding of what people want, need, and will pay for that at this point.

Stadia outperforms competing game streaming services in framerates and response times. The game is available within a second.

Business has been slow, but the product launch did not go as planned. Hype for the announcement of Stadia reminded people of a much-mocked gaming console – Dreamcast, the Power Glove, and E.T. The announcement reminds people that when pre-orders opened there was no product to order, followed by an empty pedestal on which Stadia will soon sit.

In a tweet, two months ago Stadia assured its users that the service was not in fact shutting down.

It seems like the process of closure had started, while the social media team, developers and many others were unaware of its future plans. Signs of the closure were hinted when the first-party development team put together by Google to create exclusive games was shut down before it got a chance to do just about anything. The search giant got it all wrong when it came to calculating how it would take to develop a game from scratch. 

Google Stadia failed, mostly due to its lack of exclusivity. If it had released a good product, the exclusives would not have made it that much better. Google Stadia was not as useful as the Power Glove.

Participants of death loop may already have consoles, gaming PCs, or both. The Stadia is already appealing to gamers who have spent hundreds on those platforms.

With devices like this, you get to play games anywhere, but the experience is both limited and expensive. You have to pay a premium for these games and they don’t have an online component, so they’re not fully immersive or social.

Meanwhile, AAA games like Genshin Impact are natively portable and played by millions on smartphones. Raising questions: why is  Stadia a better deal?

Google would have saved millions by utilising an AI. First, you would have paid $20 a month and then Google would help you play PC games on your PlayStation or Xbox.

Over time, the price to play in the store decreased. The monthly fee was reduced and with each game purchase you got a discount for buying all games.

Many people who use Google products when they’re introduced will be sceptical of paying for a completely new product.

Google is known for killing their own products and not being trustworthy. They are known for changing their priorities, such as scrapping the Google+ social media network, which has caused people to realise that they make mistakes too.

These companies and services have built trust over decades to show that they either can’t or won’t pull the rug out from under their customers. I still have my original Super Nintendo, which plays as well as it did the day I brought it home. My Mario Kart and Super Metroid cartridges have been working for… my god, 30 years now. I have games on Steam I bought a decade and more ago that I can load up and play as easily as I did then. There are digital copies of games on my PS3 that would boot right up if I felt like digging it out from storage.

A lot of gamers felt betrayed when the whole P.T. the incident happened because they thought it was a betrayal to destroy a digital product that they “thought they owned.”

Google has built nothing but mistrust, outside a handful of products no one wants or needs to change. Google’s turning point for many was when the company killed its reader service, which I will never forgive them for.

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