YouTube Star Elz the Witch - Everything About Her
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YouTube Star Elz the Witch is a rising star with her popularity soaring for her gaming career. 

YouTube Star Elz the Witch apart from being known for her gaming YouTube Channel is a huge Manchester City fan and a familiar face at the Etihad Stadium as presenter of the club’s Matchday Live show.

She is passionate about the women being celebrated on the platform – just like at July’s tournament. The YouTube star believes gaming is helping power the women’s football revolution, all the way to EURO 2022.YouTube Star Elz the Witch - Everything About Her_1About YouTube Star Elz the Witch

Elz the Witch rose to fame online for her gaming channel. A YouTube channel where the owner uploads videos and blog posts, the recent blog post was about Sims gameplay.

She played her first game when she was 8, but was often told that she didn’t look like someone who played games. She recently started uploading gaming videos. Here are some games that the ‘Queen of Twitch’ plays.YouTube Star Elz the Witch - Everything About Her_2Elz provides commentary with her clips while playing games such as The Sims and Fortnite. She has more than 200,000 subscribers (as of September 2022). Elz’s favorite games are Final Fantasy 7, the Zelda Ocarina of Time, the GTA San Andreas and The Sims.

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