14 Toyota Plants Shut Down As A Result of Cyberattack
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14 Toyota plants shut down as a result of a cyberattack. The Japanese automaker subsidiary Kojima Industries which manufactures interior and exterior car parts and participates in Toyota’s just-in-time supply chains was under cyber attack. 

According to NTV News, report the hackers attacked the Kojima Industries server on Saturday and they were later shut down on Sunday. While Nikkei reported the cyberattack was the reason behind the “system failure” at Kojima Industries.

As a result of these possible cyberattacks, Toyota on February 28 made an announcement of the shutdown which said, 14 plants and 28 production lines won’t operate on March 1st.

According to the timeline of the incident, it appears as it all started with Kojima Industries realizing the issue on Saturday the 26th. This led to shutting down of some operations on the 27th, and advising Toyota it was unable to supply goods before the automaker’s February 28 advice of its shutdown.

Though Kojima Industries has acknowledged a cyberattack, the nature of the attack is unknown and it’s not easy to predict what exactly happened.

According to Japan-CERT’s February 25 warning, there was a spike in attacks on Japanese email addresses using the Emotet malware. The malware is known to siphons out corporate data and looks likely Kojima Industries had a runaway infection leading to leak its own trade secrets and expose other participants in Toyota’s supply chain, pulled the plug?

Kojima Industries shared no information on the matter at the time of writing. While its website remained down for over a day. Also, the company’s social media account offers very few updates on the incident. 

It is still unclear if Toyota was under cyber attack but in the current scenario, the Japanese automaker cannot produce 13,000 cars a day for the duration. The company has promised to pace up the production as soon as possible. 

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