Akamai hit by second record-smashing DDoS Attack
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Akamai content delivery network (CDN), cybersecurity, and cloud service company, providing web and Internet security services hit by second record smashing DDoS attack that went beyond 700 million packets per second.

There was a recent DDoS attack on a customer from earlier this summer. Akamai didn’t offer the name of the customer, but they were targeted again by the same people.

With the number of attacks on rise, Akamai had to become more reactive. The number of packets went up to 704.8 Mpps eventually, a 40% increase in a week. Out of 655 at most attacks, only 44 were against the same IP addresses.

The attackers’ command-and-control system had no delay in activating the multi-destination attack. This attack escalated in fewer than 60 seconds.

Unfortunately, Akamai cannot release more information about the Eastern European customer because of personal safety reasons.

The business declined to comment on the botnet and/or cyber criminals behind the attack, but directed readers to two CISA alerts. Though one article explains how Russian state-sponsored threats can be managed, and the other article is a brief overview of their nefarious online activities.

Russian teams are using DDoS attacks to bring down their enemies. The company claimed that its Prolexic platform, with 20 high-capacity traffic scrubbing centers around the world, was responsible for thwarting the DDoS strikes in both instances.

DDoS attacks are happening more often with the same frequency as that of a heart beat.

Radware, a security firm, documented that the number of DDoS attacks per customer in the first six months of 2022 was 203 percent higher than the same time last year and 239 percent higher than in the last six months of 2021.

In June, the largest ever DDoS attack to date was thwarted by Google. The attack peaked at 46 million requests per second from bots.

Cloudflare is being targeted for DDoS attacks more than ever. They handled a 76% larger attack than the previous attack and one of the newest attacks.

The attacker is breaking records, indicating an arms race between the attacker and victim.

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